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10+ Years of Innovation in SCADA Technology

About Flaresoft

Deep Expertise in VTScada and SCADA Systems

Spearheaded by Doug Waters, a luminary in VTScada integration, Flaresoft Solutions is dedicated to the advancement of SCADA systems within the energy landscape. Our ambition is to orchestrate and refine operational technology workflows, boosting data convergence and operational excellence. We craft state-of-the-art software solutions engineered for adaptability in the evolving technological arena, ensuring our clients are ahead of the curve.

Why Choose Flaresoft Solutions

Empowering Energy and Industrial Sectors with Advanced SCADA Solutions.

Flaresoft Solutions is a company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that focuses on bridging operational technology (OT) and corporate IT in the SCADA systems domain, particularly in the oil and gas sector.

At Flaresoft Solutions, we specialize in elevating SCADA systems to new heights of efficiency and sophistication. Our expertise in VTScada is just the beginning. We offer a suite of tailored software solutions designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing operations.

At Flaresoft Solutions, we don't just deliver services; we create partnerships that foster growth and innovation. Let's redefine what's possible together.

Best Practice Adherence

Ensuring excellence in source code management for robust, maintainable solutions."

Elegant Code

Delivering clean, efficient code by adhering to the highest standards of software craftsmanship.

Thorough Documentation

Providing detailed, clear documentation to empower users and simplify maintenance.

Evolving With Technology

Our Services

At Flaresoft Solutions, we don’t just integrate SCADA systems; we revolutionize them. Our Innovative SCADA Ecosystems blend traditional robustness with the agility of IoT, crafting a networked environment where data speaks volumes

Transforming SCADA from Functional to Phenomenal

At Flaresoft Solutions, we redefine SCADA systems, elevating them from utility to ubiquity. SCADA, short for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, is more than just a system for monitoring and controlling your industrial processes—it's the neural network of your operational environment.

Making Data the Cornerstone of Your Competitive Edge

Our expertise lies in the art of converging Operational Technology (OT) with Information Technology (IT) to forge intelligent data pathways. Flaresoft Solutions is dedicated to crafting solutions that not only collect data but also translate it into actionable business intelligence.

Innovating for an Automated Tomorrow

Step into the future with Flaresoft Solutions where we automate not just processes, but aspirations. Our next-generation business process automation transcends traditional data collection and reporting, ensuring a synergy between efficiency and intelligence.

Our Team

Team Members

Harnessing collective expertise to advance SCADA technology and empower industry leaders.

Doug Waters
Founder & Technical Lead at Flaresoft Solutions

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